How to add a card to your e-wallet? makes loyalty management easy, showing all your balances at a glance, with a single login. To maximize your loyalty card potential, you need to have your program registered in your Giift wallet. allows you to add your card and track your points or miles issued, exchange or redeem points and miles from one program to another.

Let's say you are a member of Sunmiles Club and you want to add it to your e-wallet and track your miles. Just follow the following steps.

Step 1: Log into

Step 2: Enter your credentials.

Step 3: Under “My Wallet” search for Sunmiles Club program and click on it.





Step 4: If you are already a member, click on the tab “Already Member”. 



Step 5: Fill in the requested information (Membership number or ID, PIN or password). This information will be used to confirm your identity for the reward program (exact information required varies from program to program). Then click save to view your card details.



Step 6: Allow some time for the number of miles to be refreshed.


Now you know how much points or miles you have and when they expire. You can now redeem or convert them before they expire.


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