POS APP - Error Codes





pos-001 Access denied The user cannot access the POS.
pos-004 Non numeric amount The cashier input incorrect amount.
pos-005 No card found The card is not found. Either the card number is invalid or the card number is suspended. For support Contact us.
pos-006 Not a card issued by you The user cannot access the POS.
pos-008 Unknown transaction type  
pos-009 Email exists This user's email already exists in the database.
pos-012 Problem Saving The user cannot be registered.
pos-013 error Unknown error.
pos-014 error The detail format is incorrect.
pos-015 Not one of your card You cannot activate this card.
pos-019 A problem appeared while creating the email The loyalty registration is accepted, but the  system has trouble sending a confirmation  email to the user.
pos-020 This email already exists, skipping user creation The user already exists, only the Loyalty  Program Card will be added to his folio.
pos-021 Missing Amount Please enter the amount.
pos-022 Value entered exceeds permitted amount. Please enter a lower value.  
pos-023 Physical dmo does not exist The product configuration is invalid.
pos-027 Card already expired Card already expired. For support Contact us.
  The following card already exists in the system  
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