How do I promote my program?

We offer certain packages that include marketing assets (email blasts, Facebook posts, etc.) or you can provide us with your own materials and we will promote them for you.

As part of your retailer back office we also include ways for you to customize your brand's presence through our "Best Deals" block. Anytime a user has your brand in their portfolio, whether by having a gift card of yours or a loyalty program being tracked, when they open it they will see its info as well as a best deals block.

The best deals block can display anything you'd like to advertise! 

We allow our retailers to be creative here. The information can include coupons, press for sales, featured products, something viral or educational like YouTube videos, press and articles...the sky is the limit! The more people with your brand in Giift the more exposure you get to this best deals block. Just another avenue to promote yourself, your way, on global user base. 





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