What is Giift? operates the world's largest loyalty and card network, including mileage programs, loyalty programs, memberships, vouchers, coupons, prepaid cards and gift cards. was created to answer 3 simple questions: what do I have? How much is it worth? What can I really do with it?

What do I have? With, you have it all, online, in your very own portfolio. No more unused prepaid or gift cards at the bottom of your bag, no more confusing emails from hotels where you stayed, no more airlines miles lost or points you don't know how to redeem… 

How much is it worth? With, track the online balance of each of your loyalty programs and prepaid/gift cards, and know the value of your portfolio.

What can I really do with it? With, find an easy and efficient way to either redeem your programs and cards by accessing the issuer's best deals, trade them for cash(*) or exchange(*) them against other programs or cards. Plus, you can share your best findings with your friends.

So create a new account (it’s free) so that you can upload and view your programs and cards online, track their balance (remaining miles, points or dollar value), discover the best promotions related to each program or card, and then redeem them, trade them for cash or exchange them for other programs or cards.

Easy, Rewarding, Everywhere, Valuable.




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