I received an error message when submitting my eGift Card order. What should I do?

We suggest trying another credit card (your credit card has not been charged), another browser, and double check the details that have been entered (name, address, etc.)




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    Jennifer Aaron


    I'm writing to inform you that i tried paying for my transaction at one of the branches of SPAR here in Lagos, Nigeria.

    Please be aware that i exchanged 2,600 miles for cash equivalent of N5,000 only.

    On the first trial, the merchant mentioned that there was connection issue so i couldnt make the payment on that day (29th May 2019). However, i went back 3 days ago (2nd of August 2019 - reason being that i have been away for surgery (kidney donor) in Delhi, India) with the intent of using it since it will expire in May 2020 and i still have time.

    I was surprised when the merchant checked my balance and showed me that i had N1 left. I was surprised because i havent made any transcation and no one else had the card details. The merchant Suggested that i contact Etihad and Sure Giifts for complaints.

    Hence the reason why i'm writing to you. Kindly assist in getting to the bottom of this because i strongly believe that the transaction might have gone through on the first day and the merchant has no idea. i would appreciate if there is some form of record evidence that shows this and it can be shared with me to tender as an evidence.

    Awaiting your response.

    Jennifer Aaron.

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