How to Add Discount Coupons?

Advertise your business in by adding and managing all your Promotions,Products and Coupons.

Once registered as a partner, you can add your promotions on by following the below steps. 

Step 1: Log on to using the admin account.


Step 2: In the admin menu, click on the Best Deals.

Step 3: Choose the type of promotion from the dropdown.


Step 4: Choose Coupon and fill in all the information required for the coupon. You can add a discounted coupon with or without promo code.

Type 1: With Coupon Code

Name: The Name of the Coupon.

Link  : The link to which the coupon has it's details (it could be the store's website where it has the detailed information about the coupons)

Start Date : The start date of the coupon.(Start date could be the starting date of the Promotion or Discount)

End Date:  The end date of the coupon.(End date could be the ending or the expiry date of the Promotion or Discount)

Coupon Code: The Coupon Code.

Image: Not Used.

Description: Not Used.

 In this example, the user will see the coupon with coupon code:

Type 2: Without Coupon Code

In this example, the user will see the coupon without coupon code:


Step 6: Click on the save button and review the list of your Coupons.


Step 7: Review your Coupons in

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