How to Customize the Promotional Content?

Advertise your business in by adding and managing all your Promotions,Products and Coupons.

Once registered as a partner, you can add your promotions on by following the below steps. 

 Step 1: Log on to using the admin account.


Step 2: In the admin menu, click on the Best Deals.


Step 3: Click on Create Deal to create the new promotions and offers


Step 4: Fill in all the required information about the news or promotion.

There are many options available to showcase your store's promotion or news on from the dropdown available.

Title: The Name of the Promotion.

Text: A description about the news or promotion.

Line Break: It helps you to provide spacing between your content (you could add as many as you want by specifying the number of line space by 1 or 2 or 3...depending on how much space you would like to leave in between the content). You can put as many line breaks as you want.

Youku or YouTube: This functionality permits you to upload media content about the promotion or news on the site of arbitrary length. You will just need to put the ID of the video, the whole link is not required.


Image: An image can be uploaded if the promotion has one. Please note that a limit of 2Mb per image is applied. You can add as many images as you want for each promotion with line breaks and links specific to the images. In the above example i have added two images in one promotion.

Button: A button helps you to provide links for you advertisements to induce the user to click the ad and visit the store's site for more information regarding the promotion.

Link: The link to which the promotion has it's details (it could be the store's website where it has a detailed information about the promotion). By clicking on the news, the user will be redirected to your website.

Start Date: The start date of the promotion.

End Date: The expiry or the end date of the promotion. The news with expired date will not be displayed in

Published: Choose Yes if  the promotion needs to be published on, or choose No if the promotion need not be published on


A promotion can be displayed using the combination of options or it can be one promotion with all options available. Let's see each with an example:


Case1: A promotion with the combination of Title and Image.

The above promotion is displayed on as below:




Case2: A promotion with the combination of Title,Image and Text.

The above promotion is displayed on as below:



Case3: A promotion with the YouTube. You will just need to put the ID of the video, the whole URL link is not required. How do i find the ID of a video? Please find an example below, just the ID (Bq-zKher4t0) of the video is required.


The above promotion is displayed on as below:



 Case4: A promotion with all possible options to display the content.

The above promotion is displayed on as below:


Case5: If the start date and end date is valid the promotion is displayed on



Case6: With expired date,the news will not be displayed on Giift,com as the promotion has ended.

In this example the user will see,



Step 5: Click on the save button and review the list of your promotions


Step 6: Review your Promotions in




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