POS User Guide (Web Version) - EGift Card Redemption provides POS (Point-Of-Sale) portal to registered Retailers. It allows the redemption of eGift Cards by the retailer.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be redeemed in two ways.

 Customers can bring a print out of the gift card they received.


The Customers can get their gift card number from their portfolio in Giift.Com.


To perform the redemption the retailer, must login into the portal using the URL: 

 Step1: Click Personal. 



Step2: Enter the email id and password. 



Step3: The retailer can enter the gift card number and press the “Check Balance”.


The value of the gift card is displayed. The customer can start using his/her gift card. 



The customers can redeem the value of their choice in the gift card and the balance value of the gift card can be used for the next transaction.

Enter the value of customer’s choice and click the “Apply Amount” button.


A confirmation screen appears with amount to be redeemed and the remaining balance on the Gift Card. Click “Apply Amount” button.


The transaction is updated in the transaction history.



The retailers can perform the refund function if there is a mistake during the Redeem operation, by clicking the “Refund” button.

The current value of the gift card is updated with the record of all the transactions performed in the transaction history.


The points can be redeemed or refunded only through card number. 

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