POS Functions for Retailer (Loyalty Program) - POS APP

Introduction provides POS (Point-Of-Sale) app to registered Retailers. The POS app can be downloaded from the play store. It helps the retailers to create a new membership for their customers who do not possess a loyalty card and keep track of their loyal customers.

 This App enables the Retailers to perform the following functions:

  1. Create a Member
  2. Add Points
  3. Redeem Points
  4. Refund Points

To perform these functions the retailer, must download the app and login into the app using the user id and password.


To perform these functions the retailer, must login into the POS using the POS app.

Step1: Click the POS app.


Step 2: A new screen appears, where the retailer fills the e-mail and password fields. Enter the email id and password.


If the member is not an existing user, the retailer can help them by registering to their loyalty program, by just clicking the button  New Member


Create a new member by filling the required fields such as Email, name and phone and click the REGISTER button.


A new member has been created with the 16 digit CARD NUMBER, and the loyalty program is automatically added to his digital wallet. The user can instantly start accumulating points in his card.



The POS App enables the retailer to manage their member’s Loyalty program by performing the following steps:

The retailers can identify and check their customer’s account, either by scanning the QR Code   from the customer’s phone or by entering the 16 digit card number.




The Customers can check their account using their email id, by entering their email address as shown and then click the “ENTER”, button.



The Customer’s account can be identified using their phone number, by entering their phone number as shown and then click the “ENTER” button.




The Retailer can add point to a customer’s card, by using their Phone number, Email-ID and Card Number. Let’s see the example with the card number.

Scan or enter the card number, click enter. Click “ADD” button and enter the amount and if required enter the note for that transaction and press the ADD button. By entering the amount the retailer will be able to see the number of points accrued by the customer and the amount worth for the points.


 A transaction is created in the transaction history



Points can be added every time the customer spends at store.


The Retailers can add points to their customer’s card, by entering their E-mail ID and phone number

Each transaction is recorded and displayed in “Transaction History”. The retailer can see which cashier gave or redeemed points on a user card and the time of the transaction.


Let's see an example on how to add points to the customer's card using the phone number





Let's see an example on how to add points to the customer's card using the e-mail id.


Each transaction is recorded and displayed in “Transaction History”.



Redeem and Refund options can be done only using the “CARD NUMBER”.

The retailer enters the card number to check the current balance of the card.

The system displays immediately the maximum of points the customer can redeem. The cashier can then immediately tell the customer of a potential discount.

If the customer wishes to redeem, the cashier presses the “REDEEM” button.

The customer can choose to redeem fewer points than the maximum, but by default, the system will display the maximum.


 The system shows the value for the points that has been chosen for redemption.


The points are redeemed, as shown below:




If a mistake happens during the payment process (while typing the amount etc.), the retailer wishes to cancel either the points accrual or the points redemption, each transaction has a button “REFUND”.

Access the list of transactions:

On the right side of the screen, there is a list of transactions to access all transactions made on a card.  Just click on the particular transaction in the transaction list and click the "REFUND" button.


The Refunded amount is shown in the transaction history of the customer’s account.

 Redemption function is NOT available per default if the card is retrieved using the email or the telephone number. 



If the customer’s login using a wrong card number, a display message appears which says “No card found”, is displayed.



If the customer’s login using invalid email id, the following screen appears which says “No card found”, is displayed.

The points can be redeemed or refunded only through card number. By default, redemption cannot be done using the phone number and email id, for security reasons. If the Retailer accepts to bear the risk they can contact GIIFT.COM and we can help them to give the rights.


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