POS User Guide (POS APP) - EGift Card Redemption


POS App enables the Retailers to redeem the eGift cards of their customers

To perform this function the retailer, must login into the POS using the POS app.


Click the POS app.


A new screen appears, where the retailer fills the e-mail and password fields. Enter the email id and password.



Gift cards can be redeemed in two ways. 

  • Customers can bring a print out of the gift card they received.     


  • By Scanning the QR code from the customer's digital wallet.




The value of the gift card is updated automatically. The customers can start using the gift card like their Cash Card.




The cashier can redeem the value of customer's choice in the gift card by clicking the Redeem button. The balance value of the gift card can be used for future transactions.


Enter the value of customer's choice and click the redeem button.


Confirm the gift card value entered and click OK to perform the action.


A transaction is created in the transaction history.


Click on "To Card" to go back to the card and see the updated value. 


Access the list of transactions:

In the top right menu, click on Transactions to access all transactions made on a card.



Let's assume you want to cancel a 10$ transaction. Just click on the particular transaction in the transaction list.

If there is a mistake while performing the redemption, the value can be refunded by clicking on the REFUND button.


On click REFUND, the value has been refunded. The retailer can send information from the POS transaction screen using the email icon top right to the customer.


The gift card shows the updated value. 



A Top Up for a gift card can be done by clicking the Top Up button.



 Choose the value of customers choice and click the button Top Up


Confirm the gift card value entered and click PAY to perform the action.


Choose the mode of payment and click the Confirm button.



The gift card shows the updated value. 



The retailer can send the gift card information to the customer using the email icon on the top right.  



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