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What is the Automatic registration?

The automatic registration is a new functionality that allows you to register to the loyalty program of your choice.

As it’s very new on some programs are not available yet for the automatic registration. Our team is working on it everyday to offer you the best and wider choice of programs.


What is the advantage of doing this?

The advantage here is to register to any loyalty programs (miles, hotel, car rental etc…) any time and never miss a chance to be rewarded.
It’s the fastest and easiest way to become member of a program and enjoy immediately a reward from it.


If I fill up the form, am I really registered to a program?

Yes. Once you fill up all the details required you will receive an email to confirm your registration. Click on the link and enjoy your membership.


What is the button “save my profile”?

When you turn on the button “save my profile”, all your details will be saved for a future program registration.


How do I register to a program?


Steps for a program registration. 

The steps to process the automatic registration of a program.

Once you logged in, go on my wallet and click on “Add Program”

Step 1: Search for the program of your choice.
Then click on ‘Get started”




 Step 2: Click on “Join



Step 3: Fill up the form.




 Step 4: Don’t forget to tick the T&C button and join.




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